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MS World believes in providing each client with a family environment that will nurture his professional and personal goals.  Each year we will sign a limited number of new clients, in order to maintain a close and personal relationship with each client we represent.

Vince Wilfork - New England Patriots

Vince Wilfork"Kennard is one of those people who you automatically feel comfortable around. He is a good hearted person who sees beyond what's going on today and is able to look past tomorrow and plan for your future. He is grounded and determined not only in business but in life. He has a beautiful support system that includes a lovely wife and adorable kids. He will continue to be blessed as he has blessed others just through knowing him. The first day we met him we knew we had our guy."

Cory Redding - Detroit Lions

Cory Redding"Kennard doesn't treat you like a client, he treats you like family.  He treats you like you are his only client and always takes time for you day or night.  He has been there for me throughout my entire professional football career.  Joining his team has been one of the best decisions, I ever made."

Orlando Pace - St Louis Rams

Orlando Pace"Kennard got my contract done when many thought it wouldn't happen, this is why he is considered to be one of the best agents in the world."


Rosevelt Colvin - New England Patriots

Rosevelt Colvin"Kennard has represented me for the past 7 years. Coming out of college I chose an agent that primarily served the role of negotiating my rookie contract. As I moved into my second year, I found out that I needed more help dealing with everyday life. As I made the decision to switch representation, he was chosen because he showed me his sense of knowledge not only in how much money I could potentially make, but also In areas off the field. I feel good about Kennard putting my best interest on the table in all aspects of life."

Javon Walker - Oakland Raiders

Javon Walker"Kennard's integrity, honesty and hardwork are unmatched. I am at peace with him directing my NFL career, I could not be happier."

Dre Bly - Denver Broncos

Dre Bly"Kennard McGuire has given me great support and advice during the time he has represented me.  He has never disappointed me or told me anything wrong. Before I was traded to Denver, he told me to have faith in him and everything would work out. And it did. It's hard to trust guys in this business. That's why he is one of the best at what he does.  He's confident, honest and successful.  What more could a client ask for."

Shaun Rogers - Cleveland Browns

Shaun Rogers"There are no words to describe everything that Kennard has done for me and my family.  He had faith in me when everyone else had doubts.  He is not just my agent but more like a father."


Antwan Peek - Cleveland Browns

Antwan Peek"His Honesty and integrity and his desire to go beyond the call of duty is what sets him apart."


Andre' Davis - Houston Texans

Andre Davis"Kennard has been a great agent and friend. The advice he has given me has been extremely valuable. He has been very honest and forthright in everything he has told me. He has been an agent to my family, not just to me. Any thing that me or my family has ever needed, he has helped us to get it done, whether it dealt with football or anything outside of football. If a deal needs to get done, you better believe that Kennard will get it done. And he doesn't need to flash his name around like other agents to accomplish that. He is very professional and knowledgeable concerning the business of football. The contacts that Kennard has within all the NFL organizations is bar none. He will find a way when you think there is no way. There is no doubt in my mind that Kennard has helped put me and my family in the best position possible each year of my career. There is no other person in this business that I would trust more than Kennard Mcguire."