Our Principal

Kennard McGuire, President and CEO of MS World LLC has a reputation for his unique and innovative approach to representing athletes.  He began his football career as a wide receiver for the University of Tennessee.  A 1987 graduate of the University of Tennessee, McGuire signed with the New England Patriots as a wide-receiver.   A devastating knee injury in 1989, forced McGuire to end his professional football career.  Fortunately, however, his strong business edge and personal experience in succeeding as an athlete in the competitive business world of sports allowed him to gracefully transition into and successfully embrace the world of client representation.

McGuire created MS World LLC following a successful partnership with one of the most renowned full-service sports management and marketing firms in the nation.  MS World LLC’s primary goal is to provide a competent, experienced, knowledgeable team of multi faceted skills to assure its professional clients the best and most complete advice and representation available in the marketplace.

McGuire represents some of the NFL’s most notable players for whom he has negotiated some of the sports most lucrative player contracts, setting the bar in the industry, with over a billion in player contracts.

McGuire focuses his energy on the day-to-day functions of the company, as well as on acquiring new clients and negotiating lucrative contracts for clients.  While today’s highly marketable athletes are battling for lucrative contracts and endorsement deals; his team of advisors ensure their success long after their career in the sports world.  He strives for long-term relationships with clients and emphasizes the need for a “team effort” in enabling them to succeed and achieve their goals, not only in the sports arena, but in all aspects of their lives.

McGuire manages a roster of marquee clients. McGuire never compromises his ethical beliefs in pursuit of a client.  McGuire makes loyalty, integrity and honesty his top priority in building and maintaining relationships with his clients and in conducting negotiations and he believes in targeting only responsible clients who maintain respect for themselves, their families, the public and their sport.